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Google Play update for Android lets you scrub your My Apps list clean, add stuff to Wishlist

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google play update 3.9.16
google play update 3.9.16

A major update to Google’s Play Store is beginning to trickle out to Android users, adding a few improvements to the one-stop content shop. As Android Central reports, Version 3.9.16 (images below) allows previously downloaded apps to be deleted from the All tab in the My Apps pane, an operation made easier by a long press for selecting multiple entries. The change lets you scrape off the unsightly buildup on your account from years of downloading apps just to try them out. It’s also worth noting that you can’t accidentally delete apps from your device this way; Play won’t let you remove anything from the list that you currently have installed.

The update also improves app update notifications in Jelly Bean, letting you know which app or apps are ripe for an update. And in related news, Play now lets you add apps, books, music, and other content to a Wishlist using the bookmark icon in the top right portion of the screen. So far it looks like the list is just for bookmarking purposes, though, as it doesn't seem possible to easily share your selections. So far, only a few of our devices have gotten the update, but if you're in a rush to start cleaning up your My Apps list and tagging your future purchases, Android Police has the APK available for download.