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Apple loses UK Galaxy Tab design appeal, ordered to run public notice

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ipad back stock review
ipad back stock review

Apple has lost its appeal in the UK regarding the High Court of Justice’s ruling that Samsung’s tablets did not infringe the iPad. The Cupertino-based smartphone maker has now been ordered by Judge Kitchin to run a public apology notice stating that Samsung did not infringe its design. In an amusing twist, Reuters reports that the font size for the acknowledgement must be "no smaller than Ari[a]l 14."

Judge Colin Birss noted in July that Samsung’s tablets "were not as cool," saying that the designs didn’t have "the same understated and extreme simplicity." The judge in the case also ruled that Apple would have to run advertisements on its website and in UK newspapers declaring that Samsung did not copy its designs. That motion was stayed, however, following today’s appeal.