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China Mobile gets Nokia Lumia 920T variant, expected to launch in November

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china mobile nokia lumia 920t
china mobile nokia lumia 920t

China Mobile will be getting a variant of the Lumia 920, placing Nokia's upcoming flagship device on the world's largest carrier. As shown by, the device, known as the Lumia 920T, has the carrier's signature G3 logo on the upper-left corner of the handset, and is expected to launch in November. Little else is known about how the variant differs from the version that AT&T will be selling, except that it is built to support China Mobile's TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE bands.

The existence of the Lumia 920T suggests that Nokia is willing to make changes to their flagship under certain circumstances. Whether or not this means that a variant will be released in the United States remains to be seen, but AT&T's alleged six month exclusivity likely dashes any hopes of seeing the next PureView device on another carrier any time soon. Microsoft will be hosting a Windows Phone 8 event on October 29th, which will hopefully clear up many of the questions you may have about the new platform.

Update: WPCentral reports China Mobile has officially announced a November launch for the 920T.