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Iconic 'Shining' picture was actually a 'shopped photograph from 1923

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The Shining photo The Overlook Hotel
The Shining photo The Overlook Hotel

Those who have seen Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (which should be just about everyone; if you haven't, go fix that right now) are familiar with Kubrick's tendency to twist time, space, and reality in such a way that makes you question everything you see. The meaning of the photograph in the film's final shot has been hotly debated for decades, but did you ever stop to question the photograph itself? Recently discovered photos posted on The Overlook Hotel show that the image is actually a composite, and Jack Nicholson's head was edited into the 1923 photograph. For more on the original photo, which turned up in a 1985 book titled The Complete Airbrush and Photo-Retouching Manual, check out the source link below.