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Lytro update adding 'all-focus' perspective-shifting parallax mode and 3D display support

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Ever wanted to peer around corners in your photos like a Blade Runner? A software update to the Lytro light-field camera could bring you closer to that dream than ever before. The new "all-focus" mode sacrifices the ability to select points of interest by manipulating the depth of field, but instead lets you shift the perspective of your photo in real time. Judging from the video captured by Engadget Chinese (below) the freedom of movement is quite limited, but the effect does seem to work well and gives the impression of a true 3D image.

Speaking of which, Engadget says Lytro is also planning to add support for 3D displays into the mix, which should work well with the new feature. We weren't universally impressed with the camera in our review, but it's great to see the company continuing to push boundaries post-release. The update should be available by the end of the year, and will retroactively work on all the photos you've taken until now.