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New Samsung Chromebook also available with 3G for $329.99

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Gallery Photo: New Samsung Chromebook hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: New Samsung Chromebook hands-on photos

We were under the impression that Google's new Samsung Chromebook would only be able to hook up to the internet via Wi-Fi, but it seems that something got lost in the announcement. A 3G model will in fact be available, and can be ordered now from both Amazon and Samsung itself. The 3G Chromebook comes with 2 years of up to 100MB of free data per month from Verizon (like previous Chromebooks) and costs $329.99 — an $80 premium over the $249.99 Wi-Fi-only model. Otherwise, all looks to be the same as the ARM-based Chrome OS laptop we saw for ourselves yesterday.

Thanks, Stefan Constantinescu!