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Serato shares a detailed first look at its new DJ software ahead of November launch

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Serato has long been known for its efforts to bring vinyl-based scratching and mixing into the digital age with its Scratch Live software. However, the company is giving it a major feature and UI update this November with the launch of Serato DJ, a new offering that combines features from Scratch Live and its Itch DJ system. As part of that relaunch, Serato has posted a whole host of screenshots showing off the redesigned software interface on its site. While the new features for Serato DJ — including new effects, improved MIDI controller mapping, and updated cue and loop controls — the new UI hasn't been shown off in any real detail, until now.

It looks like there are at least nine total interfaces users can select from, each of which highlights different features — one view focuses on your library content, another on the different effects, and another offers a four-deck view instead of the more traditional two decks. Of course, this software isn't exactly designed for the casual user, as you'll need to hook up a compatible controller, like the Pioneer DDJ-SX, which is custom-built to tightly integrate with Serato's new software and will be available on November 1st, the same day Serato DJ will be available.