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Skitch for OS X regains menu bar icon, keyboard shortcuts with latest update

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skitch evernote
skitch evernote

Since completing its acquisition last August, Evernote's reimagining of Skitch hasn't gone over too well with users. Take the Mac App Store for example, where Skitch currently has a 1.5-star overall rating with many reviews painting recent versions as a regression in functionality. Evernote CEO Phil Libin didn't have any apologies when he spoke to The Verge earlier this month, but he did vow some features that went missing in version 2.0 would eventually make their way back to the app. That's finally happened today with the return of Menu Bar Helper — an icon in the OS X menu bar that lets you capture screenshots and use Skitch keyboard shortcuts even when the app isn't running.

Users lamented the loss of the handy shortcut in Skitch 2.0 amid a flurry of other complaints regarding lengthy URLs and the removal of instant uploads. So we're pleased to see the outlook for what was once an essential Mac utility improving. The updated release is available from Evernote's website now and is due in the Mac App Store soon. For the impatient, Evernote suggests you simply trash your MAS purchase and re-download the app directly from the developer.