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T-Mobile discontinues 200MB smartphone data plan, requires 2GB or higher for new customers

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T-Mobile store (STOCK)
T-Mobile store (STOCK)

T-Mobile frequently positions itself as a value carrier in the US, but that doesn't mean that it is immune to the changing pressures and demands of the smartphone universe. In light of those evolving demands, the carrier has changed its minimum data plan for smartphones from an entry level 200MB version for $10 per month to a more substantial 2GB plan at $20 per month. According to TmoNews, the change came on October 10th, and requires all new smartphone customers to pony up for the larger data bucket. Those that are still on the older 200MB plan are welcome to keep it for now, but they will have to pay full retail for their next phone if they want to continue to use the smaller plan in the future. T-Mobile reasons that today's smartphone users consume a lot more data than they ever did before, and the new minimum required plan protects them from unexpected overages. Of course, the extra revenue brought in each month from the new plan doesn't hurt T-Mobile's bottom line either, something that the carrier has struggled with in recent quarters.