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HTC One X+ ships this month with bigger battery, more storage, and Android Jelly Bean

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You can have any color so long as it's matte black

One X+
One X+

Never content to sit still for very long, HTC is today announcing an upgraded version of its One X Android flagship, imaginatively titled the One X+. Physically, the new device is indistinguishable from its predecessor, altering only its color scheme and Beats insignia, but internally it includes a larger 2,100mAh battery, 64GB of storage, and a more potent 1.7GHz Tegra 3 (AP37) processor. Shipping with Android 4.1 early this month, the One X+ is HTC's first Jelly Bean device, proving once again that it's more expedient for phone makers to just build new handsets than to update old ones. Owners of the original One X, the LTE-equipped One XL, and the mid-tier One S will also see their phones updated, but HTC says that will follow the launch of the One X+, completing by the end of the year.

The matte black One X+ — that's the only color option, and a handsome one it is too — includes a couple of extra tweaks under the hood to differentiate it from the phone it's replacing atop HTC's Android range. The front-facing camera has been stepped up from 1.3 to 1.6 megapixels and can now use the HTC ImageChip that processes pictures before they're compressed down into JPEG format. Additionally, the X+ has an added audio amplifier monitoring output to the loudspeaker (but not the headphone jack) for improved sound quality. The Beats branding is still on the back of the phone, though there'll be no Beats headphones bundled in the box.

In the US and other LTE-centric markets, the One X+ will ship with LTE on board

HTC has tweaked its Sense UI in a couple of slight ways to go along with the Android 4.1 upgrade, resulting in Sense 4+. The most noticeable changes relate to photography. The Gallery app now acts as a hub for all the installed apps you have that manage photos, much in the same way the Music app does in Sense 4, and when you lock the phone with the camera turned on, pressing the power button again will drop you right back into the camera UI instead of the unlock screen.

In the United States and other LTE-centric markets, the One X+ will ship with LTE on board, however the UK and most of the rest of Europe will see an LTE-free handset. To get LTE on EE's new 4G network in Britain, you'll have to opt for HTC's One XL.