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Live Twitter stream found in print issue of Entertainment Weekly

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Entertainment Weekly live twitter
Entertainment Weekly live twitter

The October 5th print issue of Entertainment Weekly contains an insert page with a small LCD designed to display live tweets as well as videos. Around 1,000 copies of the issue distributed in New York and Los Angeles will include the insert, which houses an Android-powered device along with a cellular radio to stream live tweets from the @CW_Network Twitter account. The executive vice president of marketing at the CW, Rick Haskins, told Mashable in an interview that the device was built in China and is powered by a 3G radio, although judging from the slow loading times in the video below, the speeds seem closer to EDGE. Users won’t be able to interact with the tweets, however, as the screen isn’t touch capable. The device also looks to have meager processing capabilities, with jerky videos and a hefty two minute wait before the first tweet is displayed.

The insert is primarily a ploy by the network to promote new TV shows and drum up interest in the brand. The media company that planned the device, OMD, believes that combining print with more interactive elements is worth exploring. "Now people need a little push to know what to watch because there’s so much television," said Alan Cohen, executive vice president of OMD, speaking to The New York Times. "We believe that print is one of the vehicles where you want to get people to notice." It's not the first time videos have appeared in Entertainment Weekly, though. The magazine collaborated with CBS and Pepsi back in 2009 to display video adverts for upcoming TV shows, a deal that was also put together by OMD. Still, it's a reminder that we're edging ever closer to truly disposable computing.