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HTC One X and One S Jelly Bean updates start rolling out this month

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ATT One X Stock White 1200
ATT One X Stock White 1200

Alongside the announcement of the HTC One X+ this morning, the Taiwan-based manufacturer also revealed that a Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X and One S will arrive in October. The company says that the software upgrade will roll out in the coming month, bringing with it an upgrade to Sense 4+. The latest version of HTC’s Android augmentation will bring a Self Portrait mode, used in conjunction with the front-facing camera to detect a human face and take the best picture. Two new views have been added to the Gallery app, while HTC Watch 2.0 will pull in all video-related content into a single hub. Additionally, the Jelly Bean upgrade will include Google Now, and should also provide additional fluidity thanks to Project Butter. There’s no exact word on where the rollout will begin first, but as usual it will be dependent on carrier approval.