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Nokia's latest Lumia 920 ad targets 'boring' iPhone 5 colors

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Apple's iPhone is far from the only iconic smartphone, but it may still be the single biggest target for competitors. In a new German video, Nokia urges buyers to trade the black and white of the iPhone 5 for the bright hues of the Lumia line, as a fresh-faced rebel enlivens a joyless midnight launch by requesting his phone in yellow. Below the video, we're told that Nokia wants to lift buyers from the "drab mass of fruit junkies."

Competitor Samsung has long mocked the iPhone and its fans, who it's implied are sheep blindly parroting talking points. While Nokia has certainly drawn comparisons between its new Lumia and the iPhone before, it's now more directly taking on Apple, building off the perception that iOS and the iPhone have started to become rather boring. It also positions Windows Phone 8 as a disruptive force, a fitting aspiration given its current underdog status. Unlike Samsung, however, Nokia stops short of actually vilifying potential customers. Prospective owners of the Lumia 920 or 820, meanwhile, still have quite a while to wait before release.