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Office 2013 RT Preview updated to final version on Windows RT tablets

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Steve Ballmer Office 2013
Steve Ballmer Office 2013

Microsoft has started shipping a final version of its Office 2013 RT software a little earlier than expected. The software maker announced the Release to Manufacturing of Office 2013 and Office 2013 RT earlier this month and the company previously promised a final version of Office 2013 RT between November and January via Windows Update. Windows RT tablets ship with a preview version of Office 2013 RT built into the operating system.

Ars Technica reports that a final version of Office 2013 RT is now available for Windows RT users. The 580MB update nixes the "Preview" branding across Office 2013 RT and is available from Windows Update. The early release means that Windows RT users will now have access to a final version of Office 2013 RT on October 26th, rather than a preview one. In our brief look at Office 2013 RT in August, we found that Microsoft's latest Office suite isn't fully optimized for touch and is almost identical to its x86 desktop counterpart. Microsoft is shipping Office 2013 RT with a new Touch Mode enabled, designed to increase hit targets for items within Office.