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The parody Twitter account that got game designer Peter Molyneux back on track

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Peter Molydeux Twitter account
Peter Molydeux Twitter account

Wired has published an intriguing dual interview with legendary game designer Peter Molyneux and his Twitter doppelganger, @PeterMolydeux, telling the story of how the parody account helped jump-start the British designer's career. Having made his name with classics such as Populous, Theme Park, and Black & White, Molyneux was acqui-hired by Microsoft in 2006, where the ill-fated Fable series gave him a reputation for ambitious promises that never quite came to fruition. But tweets from @PeterMolydeux — which specializes in posting outlandish game ideas — helped him to resist the temptation to dumb down for corporate palatability and pushed him to quit Microsoft earlier this year, starting a new independent game studio called 22Cans. Head over to the Wired article to read about the wild idea that Molyneux's development team is currently working on, and why its central secret is hidden from everyone, including his family.