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Meet Mega, Kim Dotcom's new and secure Megaupload sequel

Meet Mega, Kim Dotcom's new and secure Megaupload sequel

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Wired has details of Mega, the new cloud storage project from embattled Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom. In many ways it sounds suspiciously similar to the previous file-sharing service that came under fire from US authorities, but a new encryption system gives users the ability to limit access to any file via generated keys. Mega won't keep the decryption keys on its servers, protecting them from possible hacks or government raids, and also meaning that the service won't be able to know the contents of users' uploads. As Dotcom explains it:

"If servers are lost, if the government comes into a data center and rapes it, if someone hacks the server or steals it, it would give him nothing. Whatever is uploaded to the site, it is going to be remain closed and private without the key."

As for the legality of this service, Dotcom believes that it will be safe from prosecution as long as encryption remains within the law, saying "You have the right to protect your private information and communication against spying."