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Best Buy prices AT&T Lumia 920 at $149 and HTC 8X at $99, both available to pre-order (update)

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Gallery Photo: Windows Phone 8X hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: Windows Phone 8X hands-on photos

Best Buy has started to accept pre-orders on Nokia's Lumia 920 and HTC's Windows Phone 8X today. We revealed earlier this month that the US retailer would start accepting pre-orders today, but the company has also unveiled pricing for both handsets. Nokia's Lumia 920 is priced at $149.99, with what appears to be an 8GB version of HTC's Windows Phone 8X set at $99.99.

Both handsets are available to pre-order immediately for AT&T, with no sign of a Verizon offering. Best Buy doesn't reveal when each handset will be made available, simply saying "will ship when available." Microsoft is due to hold a special Windows Phone 8 press event on October 29th, where the software maker will unveil the final parts to its new operating system and expected launch dates.

Update: The Lumia 920 appears to have been removed from Best Buy's site, though the 8X is still listed.