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Saturday Night Live lampoons Pandora music channels, but don't expect NBC to stream it online

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SNL Pandora
SNL Pandora

Saturday Night Live has lampooned plenty of tech culture controversies, including Verizon's 4G advertising and reactions to the iPhone 5, but sometimes their incorporation of newer apps or services is just a reminder of how mainstream culture has changed. In a sketch from last night, musician Bruno Mars plays a Pandora intern who is forced into impromptu impersonations of everyone from Justin Bieber to Michael Jackson when technical difficulties take down some channels. It's the sort of thing that could have been (and probably was) run a decade or two ago with different songs and buzzwords, but the online streaming tool has apparently replaced traditional radio in the eyes of SNL's writers.

Unfortunately, if the writers were also trying to make a subtle comment about the complexity of music licensing, it was lost somewhere between taping and distribution. The sketch isn't available on Hulu or NBC's site, quite probably because NBC doesn't have web distribution rights for the songs used in the skit or Mars' performance of them. You can watch it (from unofficial sources) below.