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Brazilian newspapers yank content from Google News, blame lack of compensation

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Google News
Google News

Brazil's largest association of newspapers, the Associação Nacional de Jornais (ANJ), has announced that its members are opting out of Google News. In late 2010 the ANJ — which represents 154 Brazilian newspapers, around 90 percent of the country's circulation — agreed that Google's news service could post the title and first line of articles, with the expectation that this would lead to higher traffic. However, close to two years later, it appears that that wasn't the case. "Staying in Google News was not helping us grow our digital audiences," ANJ president Carlos Fernando Lindenberg Neto told the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.

"Google News was not helping us grow our digital audiences."

He said that Google would not discuss any sort of compensation for the content. He also believes that the impact of the decision will be relatively minor, saying that "Google News' presence in the Brazilian market is small." ANJ member sites will still be accessible through Google's standard search engine, however. The news comes just a few days after Google announced that it would start excluding French media sites from its search results, should the country introduce a law that would require the search engine to pay for republishing blurbs for news articles.