“This is me right now,” Colin Northway says, sending me a JPEG of a shirtless, barefoot man sitting in a deck chair hunched over a laptop, surrounded by trees. For the past two years Colin and his wife Sarah have been travelling the world — they’ve spent time in Honduras, the Philippines, Scotland, Greece, and plenty more, and currently they’ve settled in a small village in Mexico. But that time hasn’t just been spent exploring new cultures, it’s also been about making games. Sarah developed the zombie-themed strategy game Rebuild and its sequel, while Colin has been hard at work on Incredipede, a puzzle game where players control a strange creature with the ability to grow new limbs at will.

Unlike their previous destinations, Colin says that he hasn’t been able to explore much of Mexico just yet, as he’s been busy polishing up the game in time for its release later this week. "Still, it's nice to be able to unwind with a swim in the ocean,” he says. The couple had always loved to travel, spending large amounts of time in Thailand and Japan, but it wasn’t until the success of Colin’s previous game, Fantastic Contraption, that the two were able afford their current globe-trotting journey. The release of Rebuild helped to further fund their adventures.