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'Borderlands Legends' for iOS leaks out ahead of October release

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borderlands legends ios (gearbox)
borderlands legends ios (gearbox)

Gearbox Software’s wildly popular Borderlands universe is making its way to iOS this month. According to a leaked ad (above) in a Gearbox forum thread, Borderlands Legends will let iPhone and iPad users control the original crew of Mordecai, Lillith, Brick, and Roland; leveling them up with "unique skills and abilities." As reported on Eurogamer, the game will include 36 powers, "thousands" of different weapons, and that most essential of game mechanics, a strategic cover system. The ad also points out that the familiar "fight for your life" mode will be present on Legends, letting users shoot their way out of near-death scenarios. So far, other details are thin, but given the October launch, we’re expecting to see a lot more info in the next couple of days.