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Hulu Plus app now available for Windows 8, will come preloaded on select Acer, Sony tablets

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Hulu announced Tuesday that its new Windows 8 Hulu Plus app is available for download in the Windows Store. The new app lets users access all of Hulu's content, including backlogs of older shows. Hulu Plus for Windows 8 has been designed with a touch-optimized user interface and the ability to pin favorite shows to the Start Screen. It also supports "Snap View," which lets users watch a Hulu video on part of their screen while they do another task on the other side of the display.

Those with early preview versions of Windows 8 can head to the Windows Store now to download the Hulu Plus app. The rest of us will have to wait until October 26th when Microsoft officially launches the new platform. Hulu also revealed that the app will be preloaded on select Acer and Sony Windows 8 tablets.