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To lure Surface buyers, Microsoft Store giving away one year of Xbox Music to first 100 in line

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Microsoft Store stock
Microsoft Store stock

Microsoft quickly exhausted its pre-order supply of Surface RT tablets, so your best (and only) chance of acquiring one on October 26th is to make the trek to your closest Microsoft Store. To that end, the company will be offering an incentive it hopes may compel shoppers to line up bright and early: a free year of Xbox Music. The first 100 people in line at every Microsoft Store come launch day — yes, those pop-up holiday shops are included — will receive a $99.90 credit toward Microsoft's freshly-revamped music service.

Purchase of Surface is required of course, so you won't be able to simply camp out for the bonus gift and walk away without investing in Microsoft's latest hardware. And a Gold subscription to Xbox Live will still be necessary for anyone planning to listen from the console. Sadly the free credit isn't being extended to those who pre-ordered via the web. Even so, Microsoft's giveaway makes should come as a welcome bonus to those making the big purchase in person.

Thanks, Lovelace!