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Amazon quietly discontinues the Kindle Touch, urges customers to choose new Paperwhite model

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kindle touch
kindle touch

If potential Kindle purchasers want a touch-capable e-reader without a backlight, they're out of luck — Amazon is no longer selling the last-gen Kindle Touch model that was introduced last November. The Kindle hardware store now lists four E Ink options, including the aging Kindle Keyboard, but last year's touch-capable model isn't among them. While you can still find the Kindle Touch through search, the page says the model is out of stock, with no hint that it'll ever return — in fact, the page now suggests you check out the Kindle Paperwhite, the "newer model" in the lineup.

This isn't a huge surprise — generally, Amazon has discontinued each year's Kindle hardware as it releases new models, though it has kept the Kindle Keyboard around long past its initial introduction. We heard back in August that Kindle Touch supplies were beginning to dwindle, and now it seems they've run out completely. Fortunately, the Kindle Paperwhite is a more than worthy option for those looking to stay in Amazon's ebook ecosystem.