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Apple touts 200 million iOS 6 devices, 300 billion iMessages sent, 35 billion iOS apps downloaded

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It's only been about a month since we last got together for an Apple product announcement, but the company has more numbers to share with us. The big news is that 200 million devices are now running iOS 6, just over a month after the launch of the new OS. Apple CEO Tim Cook also touted three million new iPods sold since they were released in the last few weeks. As we heard earlier, the iPhone 5 sold more than five million phones in the first weekend — Cook said this was the fastest-selling phone in history, period.

He also talked about some iCloud features, noting that 125 million documents were placed in the cloud — and a whopping 300 million iMessages have been sent, 28,000 per second. From the App Store, Cook said that there are now 275,000 iPad-designed apps, and customers have now downloaded 35 billion apps from the store, paying $6.5 billion out to developers. Cook also gave some iBooks stats, not something we hear from Apple terribly often. There are now 1.5 million books available in the store, with 400 million books downloaded since the launch of the store in April of 2010.

Moving on to the Mac, Cook noted that Mac sales grew 15 percent year-over-year, compared to two percent growth for the PC, and he called the Mac the number one desktop and number one laptop in the US — but Apple isn't resting. The company just announced its new 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina display. And just before introducing the new iPad mini, Cook announced that Apple sold over 100 million iPads.

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