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Watch this: a robot successfully traverses a steel wire tightrope

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Primer V4 tightwalk
Primer V4 tightwalk

We’ve seen robots strive to be the best footballers, dance with human counterparts, and serve as remote communicators, but this is the first time they’ve been employed to defy gravity by "walking" aross tightropes. Japanese robotics expert Masahiko Yamaguchi - aka "Dr Guero" - modified the feet of a small biped robot to accomplish the task, adding grooves to hook onto the curve of a steel wire. That allows the robot to slowly shuffle its way to safety, with custom arms also helping to maintain balance for the not quite death-defying act. It’s a fantastic little demonstration, topped off with a cute victory signal and small bow once Primer V4 successfully makes it across. Make sure to watch the stunt in action below.