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AT&T's Galaxy Note II coming on November 9th for $299.99

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Galaxy Note II video review
Galaxy Note II video review

We heard before that Samsung's Galaxy Note II would make it to five US carriers by mid-November, and AT&T has just confirmed that it will be carrying the phone in stores and online come November 9th for $299.99 on contract. This is the second US carrier that has given us an day and price for the new 5.5-inch Android phone (Sprint's launch will be on October 25th), though US Cellular's pre-order page is live, and it expects to ship the device by the end of October. The phone, of course, will run on AT&T's LTE network (where it's built out) and it ships with Jelly Bean; it is one of the first to do so. Interested customers would do well to read our review of the international variant, and if you want to be first in line, AT&T is accepting pre-orders starting on October 25th.