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The Vergecast Special Edition instant replay

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vergecast special edition: samsung vs. apple
vergecast special edition: samsung vs. apple

We're at the cusp of a very, very busy two weeks in technology, and Apple is first up (followed very shortly by a handful of Microsoft events and Google's "Playground" press conference). Our official iPad mini liveblog is the best place to go for up-to-the-nanosecond coverage of the event itself... but moments after Tim Cook steps off stage, while Josh and Nilay run off to hands-on time, David and Ross will be broadcasting live from the New York studio hosting a very special Vergecast. As always, expect to learn, to love, to learn to love, and maybe even learn a few things — both from the dynamic duo and any number of special guests. Don't worry, Josh and Nilay will be showing up later in the show so that we can live vicariously through them, but you'll have to keep watching to know when!

Check out the instant replay below!