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Microsoft teases 'Microtropolis,' a city brought to life through Windows 8 from October 26th

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Microsoft is preparing its marketing onslaught for Windows 8 this week, and the company has started to tease out some details today. A new "Microtropolis" site has gone live that promises a "city brought to life through Windows 8." It's not clear exactly what that means and whether Microsoft will build its own Windows 8-powered city, but all will be revealed on October 26th.

The software maker is opening its Microtropolis on Friday in New York at Hudson River Park's pier 57. It looks like the event that will run from October 26th until November 3rd, but there's no word on any additional details. We'll be sure to take a look ourselves just to find out exactly what Microsoft is up to.

Microsoft says it has created "a stylized one hundred and sixty foot version of NYC in an art installation." There will be hands-on demonstrations of Windows 8 with hundreds of devices placed on rooftops within the art city.

Update: Due to Hurricane Sandy, Microsoft has canceled the Microtropolis event. The company released the following statement:

"Our exhibit at Hudson River Park’s Pier 57 called Microtropolis is permanently closed. We are grateful to New York City and the pier for hosting us, however the unprecedented circumstances caused by hurricane Sandy have made it impossible for us to reopen again. Our hearts are with anyone who’s been affected by this storm. We hope we can all bounce back quickly and get New York moving again."