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3rd Generation iPad discontinued, refurbished models available starting at $379

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Gallery Photo: New iPad hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: New iPad hands-on photos

The pace of technology is relentless, and with the introduction of the slightly-upgraded 4th Generation iPad (also known as the iPad with Retina display), the 3rd Generation iPad has been discontinued. The Retina display-equipped model is only a bit over seven months old, and the primary difference between the two models is a Lightning port instead of the old 30-pin connector, and a new A6X processor with twice the graphics performance of the outgoing iPad.

While those who recently purchased the 3rd Generation iPad may be disappointed, new iPad purchasers get to take advantage of new lower pricing. The refurbished iPad now starts at $379 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, while the top-end 64GB LTE model costs $679. Versions all the way up and down the spectrum are available, but the cheapest and most expensive refurbished 3rd Generation iPad cost $449 and $779, respectively, just yesterday. The other option for those looking for a cheap Apple tablet is the iPad 2, which Apple is still selling new starting at $399.

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