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Dell rolls out 23-inch multitouch display and wireless touchpad for Windows 8

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Dell S2340T
Dell S2340T

As you've read in our Windows 8 review, using Microsoft's latest OS with a keyboard and mouse isn't quite as revelatory as pairing it with a touch-based device. Dell seems to agree that touch enhances the user experience: the company today unveiled both a multitouch display and wireless touchpad tailored for the new version of Windows.

The 23-inch S2340T display features 1080p resolution, flexible positioning, and supports up to 10 points of simultaneous multitouch on its edge-to-edge glass panel. More importantly, it offers a more hands-on approach to navigating Windows 8's user interface and calling up the new Charms menu. Your standard suite of ports — DisplayPort, HDMI, Ethernet and USB 3.0 — are all here and Dell's also built-in a set of stereo speakers for anyone lacking an external pair. The S2340T retails for $649.99.

If a multitouch display isn't what you're after, there's also the TP713 wireless touchpad to consider. Borrowing heavily in concept from Apple's Magic Trackpad, the sleek black peripheral supports touch input from up to four fingers at once. Like the S2340T, the wireless touchpad features an edge-to-edge glass surface with full gesture recognition. It's priced at $69.99. Both products are estimated to ship within one to two weeks.