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HP prices Envy x2 Windows 8 convertible at $849.99 for November 14th release

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The 11.6-inch laptop / tablet hybrid gets a price label and availability date

envy x2
envy x2

HP has served up pricing and availability for its full range of Windows 8 launch machines today, a list inevitably highlighted by the company's all-new hybrid PC, the Envy x2. The 11.6-inch tablet that can just as easily operate as a laptop will start at $849.99, which will get you some fancier extras like Beats Audio, NFC, and an 8-megapixel camera. Still, even with that brushed aluminum finish, the Envy x2's price doesn't seem terribly competitive with the current tablet market. It should be available in the US on November 14th, says HP, while most of the rest of the company's Windows 8 lineup will be ready to buy just as soon as Windows 8 is released.