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Skype for Windows 8 now available to download from the Windows Store (update)

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Gallery Photo: Skype for Windows 8 screenshots
Gallery Photo: Skype for Windows 8 screenshots

Microsoft announced earlier this week that Skype would be available for Windows 8 on October 26th, but it appears that the company has released it ahead of schedule. Skype is now listed in the Windows Store, available to Windows 8 and Windows RT users. Although neither operating system officially launches until October 26th, if you're running the Windows 8 RTM then Skype is now installable. If the app isn't available in your region just yet, it should pop up sometime in the next few hours.

The Verge got an early look at Skype for Windows 8 this week and we found that it is one of the best Microsoft-built Windows 8-style apps right now. Integration with the People app is included, and Skype runs in the background as you'd expect in Windows 8. This is the second piece of the Skype and Microsoft puzzle, following the release of a Windows Phone client earlier this year. Skype is now building an Xbox version that will likely debut next year.

Update: Skype has reached out to The Verge to clarify that the app is starting to populate in the Windows Store today, but it will not be available for all users until the 26th.