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'Borderlands Legends' for iOS confirmed, launches October 31st

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Borderlands legends - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY
Borderlands legends - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

Information on the upcoming 'Borderlands Legends' for iOS was leaked earlier this week, and on Tuesday, Gearbox Software officially announced the game on Twitter. Entertainment Weekly got an advance look, and found that you don't just play as the original team of Mordecai, Lilith, Roland, and Brick — you control the entire squad and can coordinate abilities to use more powerful skills. The game will be top-down rather than the series' traditional first-person perspective, will feature randomized missions, and enemy difficulty will scale with the player's level.

Borderlands Legends will still feel familiar to fans of the franchise, with skill trees "loosely based" on those from the original Borderlands, featuring three action skills and six abilities per character. The enemies are similar as well (skags, bandits, and the like), and players can loot, sell, and purchase randomly generated weapons. As we already knew, the game will feature the familiar "fight for your life" mode and a new cover mechanic. Borderlands Legends is set to launch one week from today on October 31st, and will cost $4.99 for the iPhone and $6.99 on the iPad.