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Skype 6.0 for Mac and Windows released with Facebook and Microsoft login options

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Skype 6.0
Skype 6.0

A Windows 8 and RT-specific version of Skype will be coming in a few days, but current Mac and Windows users are getting an update now. Version 6.0 of Skype for desktop offers some helpful design tweaks, but the biggest change is a shift towards greater integration with other services. Users will be able to sign in with a Facebook or Microsoft account, rather than needing a Skype-specific login. Microsoft users can send instant messages to friends on Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, and, and they'll be able to make audio and video calls to Windows Live Messenger in "coming weeks."

The Skype team has spent the last several months moving to Microsoft's Messenger backend, and updates for Android and iOS are expected later. Visually, there's a slightly cleaner-looking Windows interface, and the Mac version has been updated to support Retina displays. For a full list of updates, or to you can head over to the Skype blog.