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'SimCity' reboot set to launch on March 5th in the US, March 8th in Europe

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It's been months since EA first announced a reboot for the SimCity franchise, but we finally know when the game will launch: the official SimCity Twitter account says the game will be available on March 5th in the US and March 8th in Europe. We already knew the game was scheduled to come early next year, though it seems the game has slipped a bit from the February launch window that we heard about back in August. The game will be noteworthy for running in the new Glassbox engine, which developer Maxis built in-house to provide more realistic simulations thanks to micro-level AI for every object in the game. While there's no pricing information yet, the game will be available through EA's Origin service and though the traditional DVD format for both Mac and PC. If you can't wait until March, PC players can register for the SimCity beta right here.