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Foxconn takes 'full responsibility' for underage workers at Nintendo facility

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After launching an investigation in reaction to reports that Foxconn hired underage interns one of its facilities, Nintendo has issued a response that places blame on the electronics manufacturer. In a statement provided to Kotaku, Charlie Scibetta, senior director of Nintendo of America, explained the following:

"Nintendo was concerned to learn that underage individuals had been working at a Foxconn facility in China where components for some Nintendo products are produced. Nintendo investigated the incident and determined that this was a violation of the Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Procurement Guidelines that all Nintendo production partners are required to follow, based on relevant laws, international standards and guidelines.

"Foxconn has taken full responsibility for this incident and has moved quickly to ensure that all affected individuals no longer work at Foxconn. In fact, Foxconn's own policies prohibit the employment of underage individuals and the company has pledged to Nintendo via direct communications to improve its process of enforcing this policy to avoid any similar issues in the future."

The response echoes what Foxconn had previously stated in regards to its factory in Yantai, China, which is responsible for building components for companies such as Sony, Nintendo, and others. As a result of the investigation, Nintendo will continue inspecting the facility to ensure that conditions remain at an acceptable level. While Foxonn's acceptance of blame is appreciated, the company's long-standing reputation for unfair employee treatment will be tough, if not impossible, to break.