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Filed under: kills iOS apps in response to restrictive Twitter guidelines, shifts focus to Digg

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Digg's social news applications for iOS are no more. Until today, the app — formerly available for both iPhone and iPad — would aggregate links posted by your friends on Facebook and Twitter and reframe them in a "beautiful, news-friendly reading experience." But that's all come to an end, with pointedly blaming Twitter for the decision.

According to a blog post announcing the discontinuation, the conflict began late last year when Twitter "started building products to help people discover news," a reference to the Discover tab introduced with the platform's redesign. But those contentious 1.1 API guidelines were ultimately the determining factor behind's shift. "Here’s what it comes down to: we don’t want to invest time and energy into an application that competes with a platform on which it relies," said general manager Jake Levine.

The company now plans to embrace Digg — another web property owned by parent Betaworks — as the source for its future curation apps. Since relaunching back in July, the new Digg has seen over four million visitors according to Levine. "We’re working hard to deliver with Digg the experience that motivitated us to build — helping people find the best stories on the Internet." For now though, is just the latest casualty of Twitter's restrictive policies toward developers.