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Polygon is here!

Polygon is here!

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People of this world — and people of worlds beyond — something special is happening today. Something far more wonderful than a new phone with a bigger screen or a new tablet with a smaller screen. Today marks the launch of Polygon, a new Vox Media publication dedicated to all things gaming. It is intense, and it is beautiful. It is beautifully intense.

Welcome to the family, Polygon

You've probably noticed that the Polygon editorial team has been producing some amazing work on our gaming hub while they built their site, but they've pulled out all the stops to launch their new home. Take a look around, visit the forums (one for every game!) and check out some of their gorgeous features and reviews. And you can jump right in and start commenting — your Verge and SB Nation accounts will work on Polygon as well. Here's some of our favorite stuff on Polygon right now:

Be sure to try it on your tablet and phone, too — Polygon features responsive design, meaning that it's a single site which always looks gorgeous regardless of screen size. It's the future of online publishing, and it's amazing to see it in action on a site of Polygon's depth and scale. (You can also see responsive design in action on the newly-relaunched SB Nation — and rest assured we'll be using some of these ideas in future versions of The Verge.)

Polygon's launch is a crazy moment for all of us in the Vox family. It's only our third publication after SB Nation and The Verge, and it's been wild to see our small company go so far in such a short period of time. Congratulations to Polygon Editor-in-Chief Chris Grant, Managing Editor Justin McElroy, Vox CEO Jim Bankoff and Chief Content Officer Marty Moe, Senior Product Manager Justin Glow, and everyone else at Vox Media who made this happen. We knew you could do it, because you are all so willing to abandon your families, children, and social lives to make amazing things for the internet.

It's going to get weird

And lastly, The Verge team has been honored to have the Polygon crew crash on our couch for these past few months — we're sad to see them go, in a way. But their new site is amazing, and we wish them nothing but the best. We will also be stealth-trolling them in comments and forums from this point forward.

Welcome to the family, Polygon. It's going to get weird.

P.S. And if you like everything you see at Polygon and you happen to be a very talented person — why not consider applying for a job?