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LG reportedly working on Open webOS-powered smart TV

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Gallery Photo: LG Smart TV with Google TV hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: LG Smart TV with Google TV hands-on photos

Google TV hasn't taken off despite LG's best efforts, and now it seems the Korean manufacturer may be pursuing other options. According to webOS Nation, Gram (the reborn incarnation of Palm) and LG are working together on a new smart TV powered by Open webOS. While webOS would have a lot of catching up to do before it could become a credible smart TV platform, apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora are apparently being rebuilt for the Enyo framework.

WebOS Nation's sources say that LG isn't "comfortable with Google's terms for using Google TV," as well as having understandable concerns over the platform's adoption rate and the threat of Apple entering the marketplace. WebOS would be an unorthodox way to counter these fears, but with the smart TV market still in a nascent phase it's possible any roll of the dice could be the right one. LG and Gram reportedly want to unveil the Open webOS TV off at CES 2013 — we'll certainly be interested to see if that comes to pass.