So you want a computer with Windows 8? Welcome to Decision City, population you. On October 26th, the day Microsoft launches its new operating system, you'll be able to choose from a tremendous array of laptops, desktops, tablets and even some computers that defy traditional form factors. You'll be able to pick from no fewer than five different types of processors and three versions of the operating system in all. Or, you can simply upgrade your existing computer to Windows 8 without a lot of trouble. Here are a number of the questions you'll probably be asking yourself:

How much does Windows 8 cost? When can I get it? Where can it be found? What's that "Windows RT" thing I keep hearing about?

We're going to help you navigate that sea of choices in this very article. Incidentally, the answers to those first three questions are these: 1.) as little as $14.99, 2.) October 26th, and 3.) just about anywhere computers are sold.

The real first question is this: Are you looking to upgrade your existing computer, or do you want a brand new machine? If you just want to upgrade, read on. If you're looking for a new laptop, tablet, all-in-one, or crazy transforming computer, click that little "new Windows 8 machine" button on the left to skip downwards.