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Samsung's latest Galaxy S III ad touts sex tape-sharing with a quick bump

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samsung nfc commercial
samsung nfc commercial

Samsung's newest Galaxy S III commercial promotes one of the phone's perhaps lesser-known abilities — discreetly sharing sex tapes with your husband.

"Work Trip" shows a father waving goodbye to his family as he leaves for a few days. His daughters have recorded a video for him to watch on the plane, which gets effortlessly (suspiciously so, in fact) transferred between his Galaxy S III and his wife's through NFC. His wife has also recorded a video, as it turns out, but she makes a slightly different recommendation for when he should watch it. What's on the video? Let your imagination run wild.

Next up in the new series is "Game On," which features two friends playing the same game — one on an iPhone, the other on a Galaxy S III. Aside from the potentially confusing implication that the two devices are capable of playing multiplayer games together, the iPhone owner complains about the screen's small size and visibility in sunlight.

"How am I supposed to win? Your screen is, like, as big as my phone."

Samsung has elected to put its Galaxy S III up against the iPhone 4 or 4S rather than the bigger-screened iPhone 5, but the message is clear — its 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display is the superior canvas for casual gaming when you're waiting at the bus stop.

Finally we have "Date Night," in which the hapless male protagonist embarrasses himself by accidentally playing the Spice Girls through Samsung Music Hub in an attempt to impress his belle. The day is saved, however, when his date uses NFC transfer to give him something more situation-appropriate to play. We're not sure how long they've been dating, but the relationship is clearly in that awkward "paired phones together through S Beam, but not yet ready to give her access to the stereo" phase.

Samsung has, of course, already convinced a lot of people of the Galaxy S III's virtues — last we heard, it had sold over 20 million units.