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World's smallest 4K display is 9.6 inches in size, boasts a 458ppi pixel density

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Ortus 9.6-inch 4k display
Ortus 9.6-inch 4k display

The tablet equivalent of LG's 440ppi 5-inch 1080p screen deployed so far for HTC's J Butterfly handset may soon be upon us thanks to Japanese display company Ortus Technology. Nikkei Tech-On reports that the firm has successfully developed a 9.6-inch LCD with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. That makes for a record 458ppi on a mobile display, with the company proudly proclaiming that it’s the world’s smallest panel capable of displaying native 4K x 2K video. While the 160 degree viewing angles can’t match what IPS can offer, the screen does cover 72 percent of the NTSC color gamut, adequately displaying sRGB. Samples for the panel will be made available next month, but those eager to get a glimpse of it in action will have the chance at the electronica 2012 trade fair in Munich starting from November 13th.