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Sharp to release first TVs with anti-glare Moth Eye panels in late fall

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sharp moth eye (ceatec)
sharp moth eye (ceatec)

Japanese maker Sharp hasn’t been spending all its time making insanely dense smartphone displays. It's bringing five LCD TVs to market in Japan this fall with a new glare-reducing, contrast-enhancing panel called Moth Eye. The name stems from the properties of its namesake, whose tiny irregularities cut reflections and help the insect to see in the dark. Sharp says that the five Aquos Quattron 3D XL sets, which range in size from 46 to 80 inches, will feature the company’s trademark Quattron RGBY subpixel arrangement and Sharp’s Aquos City online services.

We got to take a look at a Moth Eye demo at CEATEC 2012 earlier this month and weren’t exactly blown away by a difference in the size or strength of reflections, but off the trade show floor your mileage may vary. So far no prices have been announced, but the TVs will be arriving in stores between November 30th and December 15th.