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Samsung Nexus 10 manual surfaces ahead of Google announcement

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Nexus 10 Manual
Nexus 10 Manual

Google is rumored to be launching at least one new Nexus phone and tablet on Monday, including a Samsung-built tablet codenamed "Manta." Now, a pair of images have surfaced on Korean site Seeko, showing what looks like a manual for a Samsung Nexus 10. There's not much information available on the pages posted, but the sketch looks surprisingly little like the Nexus 7, with bulging sides and a strip of plastic or metal at the top rather than a smooth back. Volume rocker and charging port placement are the same as on the Galaxy Note 10.1; otherwise, it depicts features we'd expect to find on any 10-inch tablet, including a rear camera.

It's not exactly clear where these images came from, and even if the manual is legitimate, it doesn't prove Google will unveil one next week. Although this drawing looks a bit like the lackluster Galaxy Note 10.1, the Nexus 10 is rumored to have a 2560 x 1600 screen with pixel density to rival the iPad and to launch with an updated version of Android; little else is known.