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Microsoft giving away Media Center upgrade to Windows 8 Pro users until January 31st

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Windows Media Center
Windows Media Center

When word came down that Windows Media Center and DVD playback would be a paid upgrade to Windows 8, there were definitely some home theater users that were disappointed. Thankfully, it looks like Microsoft has decided to pay attention to those complaints. For early adopters, at least, the Windows 8 Media Center Pack will be available for free, meaning you'll be able to record TV, watch DVDs, and take advantage of other functionality that used to be bundled in with Windows 7. To get the free copy you'll need to purchase Windows 8 Pro and enter your product key into Microsoft's website by January 31, 2013 — the same date that all of the other promotional pricing for the new operating system ends. We never heard how much the Media Center Pack was going to cost users, but keep in mind that if you are running WIndows 8 you'll still need to purchase the $69.99 Pro Pack to get Media Center. It's all a bit confusing, so be sure to check our Windows 8 upgrade guide if you're looking for the full rundown.