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Skitch comes to Windows with new Desktop and Windows 8 apps

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Screenshot and image editing tool Skitch is coming to Windows, the company has just announced. Skitch, which was acquired by Evernote and redesigned earlier this year on Mac OS X, is now available in two Windows flavors: Desktop and Windows 8. The Desktop version should run as either on Windows 7 or as a legacy app on 8, while Skitch for Windows 8 includes an interface with the familiar Windows 8-style tiles, integration with the mapping system, and a split-screen option that evokes the Windows 8 Charms by letting you pin Skitch to the side of the screen.

Evernote and Skitch angered many users when they updated the OS X app, removing much-loved features like instant uploads and forcing more integration with Evernote. While some pieces were later restored, Skitch for Windows Desktop at least still relies heavily on Evernote, forcing you to download it separately in order to share screenshots or save them outside your computer. Longtime Skitch users may be as frustrated as they were with the OS X update, but as Skitch is one of the most full-featured screen capture and sharing tools around, it's still nice to finally see a Windows version.