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Apple's Pandora-style streaming music service will reportedly launch in early 2013

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itunes logo 1020

We heard last month that Apple was finally looking to enter the streaming music marketplace with a Pandora-style service, and now Bloomberg is reporting that the company has intensified negotiations with the goal of launching a streaming radio service in the first quarter of 2013. According to the report, the deal could be complete as soon as mid-November, with ad revenue sharing being a primary point of discussion at the moment. Rumored features Apple is negotiating for include auto-generated playlists of what listeners have heard and the ability to buy tracks as "music streams" — while this particular feature wasn't explained in any more detail, it could be a new way of purchasing access to music without needing to download a specific file. While it's not clear yet exactly what form this service will take, it appears Apple is seeking licensing pacts with labels that give them more flexibility than its current à la carte sales deals. With Microsoft's recently revamped Xbox Music service and its free, ad-supported streaming music, there's little doubt Apple wants to have a response ready as soon as it can.