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New deal between Redbox, Warner Bros. reinstates 28-day waiting period on all rentals

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Redbox 2 1024
Redbox 2 1024

Consumers must again endure a four-week delay before renting new Warner Brothers releases at their nearest Redbox location. The multi-year agreement announced today represents a reconciliation between the popular kiosk service and film studio after Redbox cut ties with Warner Bros. in January. At the time, Redbox took issue with Warner's request to double the existing wait period to a staggering 56 days. As competitors like Netflix bowed to the new policy, Redbox pledged to continue offering Warner DVDs and Blu-rays without a deal in place. How financially viable that rogue strategy was for Redbox remains unknown, but the company claims its new agreement customers renters "affordable access to new-release entertainment."

Curiously, Redbox has also signed on as a member of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem — the consortium behind UltraViolet. Per the new terms between both companies, Redbox has agreed to promote and "help retail customers discover UltraViolet," though it's unclear if you'll actually be able to add films to your UV library directly from a kiosk. We've reached out for clarification and more details on the new partnership.