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Apple has made 'a number of improvements' to Maps, will 'work non-stop' to keep fixing issues

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Apple Maps Fixed Brooklyn Bridge
Apple Maps Fixed Brooklyn Bridge

During Apple's fiscal Q4 2012 quarterly results call, CFO Peter Oppenheimer addressed the ongoing iOS 6 Maps issue, saying that "we've made a number of improvements to Maps in the past months, and will work non-stop until Maps reaches our high standards." This comes about a month after Tim Cook addressed the widespread issues that customers have experienced with Apple's in-house mapping solution. Of course, we've seen these changes roll out gradually — Apple recently fixed the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, among other landmarks —but many issues still remain. We were surprised that Apple didn't mention Maps during its iPad mini event on Tuesday, but Oppenheimer addressed the issue unprompted on today's call, so it seems they just didn't want to distract from the day's announcements. If Apple gets asked about Maps during the investor Q&A, we'll let you know what it says.